Determining the intercourse for the foetus simply by using a particular health system

Determining the intercourse for the foetus simply by using a particular health system

Determining the intercourse associated with the foetus is performed because of the decree of Allaah, may He be glorified and exalted. The angel is commanded to create it as Allaah willed in their decree from eternity. Allaah states (interpretation regarding the meaning):

“To Allaah belongs the kingdom regarding the heavens together with planet. He creates just exactly just what He wills. He bestows female (offspring) upon who He wills, and bestows male (offspring) upon who He wills”

The one who wishes Allaah to bless him with righteous offspring must first avail himself for the means, through getting hitched and having sex in permissible methods. Nothing is incorrect aided by the one that wants their offspring to be female or male availing himself associated with the means which were proven by way of experience or tradition or science that is modern.

There is certainly a declaration given because of the Islamic Fiqh Council from the Muslim World League which confirms this concept. It states in it:

It really is permissible to find the intercourse for the foetus by normal techniques, such as for instance health programs, chemical washing and selecting the time of intercourse to coincide aided by the time of ovulation, since they are permissible ensures that don’t include such a thing haraam.

To see the declaration in full in Arabic, please click with this website link:

Usually the one who would like to find legitimate normal methods for selecting the intercourse regarding the foetus might make reference to physicians and professionals in this industry. Our company is very happy to assist visitors by quoting through the extensive research of Dr. ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Yahya, for which he states: Nutrition has an impact on seeking the intercourse associated with the foetus in 2 methods:

1.It alters the pH balance in the cervix regarding the womb and also the vagina. Potassium and salt turn the surroundings to thus alkaline and boost the likelihood of conceiving a male. In terms of magnesium and calcium, they turn environmental surroundings to acid, therefore enhancing the likelihood of conceiving a lady.

2.Changes within the wall surface associated with ovum which increase the period of the time scale during that the ovum is receptive to male or female semen. Analysis has proven that the girl diet has an impact on the intercourse of this foetus, on the walls of the ovum, and by means of which it penetrates the wall, thus leading to fertilization because it has an effect on the receptors to which the sperm attaches itself.

The ionic stability of salt and potassium, in the place of calcium and magnesium, features a biological impact on these receptors, that leads to alterations in the structure associated with wall surface, which in turn impacts the attraction of male or female semen.

The consequence among these ions is easy: an increased ratio of salt and potassium in the meals and a reduced ratio of calcium and magnesium causes alterations in the wall surface of this ovum to attract male sperm and repel feminine semen. Ergo the consequence of fertilization may be male. The contrary can also be real: an increased ratio of calcium and magnesium into the bloodstream, and a lowered amount of salt and potassium, draws sperm which holds the chromosome that is female repels semen which carries the male chromosome, ergo the consequence of fertilization and pregnancy is likely to be feminine.

To adhere to this process, a lady needs to follow a certain diet for a time period of at least 8 weeks, to be able to build health stores that will enable the desired gender. We connect a meal plan plan which ultimately shows the resources of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium in meals.

The ladies who would like to select the sex for the baby before conception needs to follow this food diet for at the least two to three months before maternity (without needing any contraceptives that are hormonal rather barrier methods particularly condoms must be utilized). russian brides at It really is good in the event that spouse follows similar diet program; at least that will be a psychological support to the wife and help her to stick to the diet plan although it is not essential for him. The ladies should carry on using this diet that she is pregnant until she is certain. As soon as she becomes expecting, she’s got to immediately stop the diet and consume all of the meals which are required for her body while the human body of her child, as recommended by her medical practitioner. End estimate.