Beyond Just Real-Estate

At Ssky we not only focus on helping homeowners remove the headache of home-ownership, we’d also like to give back to those who provide us a fruitful lead of someone or people trying to sell their single-family home or townhouse in the state of Delaware.

We believe in giving back with zero strings attached.

How you can help is by providing us a lead of someone or people you know trying to sell their single-family home or townhouse. The size of the house doesn’t matter nor the condition of it. And if your lead turns into a fruitful transaction Ssky will give you $500 cash for your fruitful lead. 

A win-win for you and the person trying to sell their home.

Realize that if lead is fruitful it will make a difference in someone or peoples lives.


To get started either you or someone you know click the button below fill in the form and be ready to make a change in someones life.



** Any transactions under $3,000 will be at $250 cash.

*** Realtors In order to receive a referral fee, you must hold a valid and active real estate license, and you must comply with the State’s laws for licensing and referral fees, for the State of Delaware.