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Twenty-6 vegetative and seven floral characters ended up chosen, with a overall of 147 states (Tab.

By observing the visuals developed in the course of the undertaking Flora of the Ducke Reserve it was doable to include people of leaf shape and venation designs. The essential was made in the system Lucid ). Results and Dialogue. The interactive multiple-entry important was created for the identification of genera and not species of seed-bearing crops of the Ducke Reserve.

The genus level has numerous advantages: the identification is typically suitable, even when the names of the species are unknown or have been wrongly utilized there is a superior opportunity of building a suitable identification even if the species thought of is not included in the guide of Ducke Reserve. In the record of ) and the floral traits 2nd.

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When the character checklist is in depth, a particular person who is not familiar with the plant identification relative value of distinct taxonomic characters could be unsure about the most effective characters to commence the identification. In get to aid this course of action, some taxonomically significant and quick to observe characters can be duplicated and incorporated in the starting of the checklist, in a file named “suggested figures to start with”. Expertise indicates that these characters eliminate a huge quantity of genera, what drastically facilitates the identification method.

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Nonetheless, in the important for seed-bearing plant genera of the Ducke Reserve this was not important, since the variety of figures is somewhat compact as opposed with the amount of taxa. A general trouble noticed when applying the guidebook of Flora of the Ducke Reserve is the lack of comparative information. The concept of this industry guide was to supply only strictly needed written info to access a appropriate identification of a plant gathered in the Ducke Reserve, alongside one another with thousands of pictures.

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This signifies that for the identification of some species, some figures, these as the type of indumentum, are utilised, while for the identification of other species, it is vital to assess other characters, as for case in point leaf shape or venation. When the information does not point out the indumentum of a plant, it does not necessarily mean that the plant is glabrous, but only that the indumentum does not help in the identification at that position of the process.

That’s why, it is not enough to extract data from the Flora of the Ducke Reserve these details need to be complemented with other sources, which includes herbarium product. It was appealing to observe that knowledge on indumentum, colleters, bud scales, and even leaf venation are not only tough to be extracted from the Flora of the Ducke Reserve, but also from several typical floras, these types of as the Flora of the Venezualan Guayana (Steyermark et al . In the interactive critical to the genera of the Ducke Reserve, facts about indumenta was extracted from exsiccates deposited in the INPA Herbarium. It is important to be mindful in order to stay clear of misinterpretation when making use of herbarium specimens.

In some conditions, pilosity was present only in younger leaves managing of the material alone could have brought about the decline of trichomes. Whenever feasible, to reduce error in observations, at least 5 individuals of every species had been analyzed. Other factors, this kind of as the presence of lichens and fungi on the leaf area, can also lead to improper interpretations about pilosity.