Powers and abilities [ edit | edit source ] Maeve is additionally greatly suggested become an alcoholic.

Powers and abilities [ edit | edit source ] Maeve is additionally greatly suggested become an alcoholic.

Queen Maeve halting a van

  • Superhuman Durability: Queen Maeve is resistant to almost all types of real harm, her durability being the essential comparable to compared to Homelander than every other known Supes. Maeve had been durable sufficient to endure being struck with a speeding van that is armored splitting it in two.
  • Superhuman Speed: Maeve has the capacity to attain rates that enable her run along walls of structures, defying gravity for brief amounts of time. Operating this way, she had been effortlessly in a position to overtake and pass a speeding armored vehicle.
  • Superhuman Agility: Queen Maeve’s agility, stability, and physical coordination are typical improved to levels which can be method beyond the normal real limitations of perhaps the finest individual athlete. This woman is in a position to beat attackers that are multiple with little to no work.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Queen Maeve’s musculature produces considerably less tiredness toxins during physical exercise compared to the musculature of a person. She can exert by herself at top ability for approximately a day before weakness starts to impair her.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Queen Maeve reactions are likewise improved and are usually more advanced than those of the best individual athlete.

  • Improved Accuracy: based on Homelander during an objective in Albany, Maeve flung a Bic pen accurately into a guy’s eyeball from 78 legs (23 meters) away.
  • Fighting techinques: Queen Maeve is a solid combatant and was extremely been trained in hand to hand combat. She’s in a position to beat numerous opponents at as soon as while training.
  • Stealth: through the struggle with Stormfront, she managed to slip within an available area and join the battle with no noticing that is latter.
  • Enhanced Senses: Queen Maeve perhaps has heightened sensory faculties. She managed to effectively detect Translucent, although he had been motionless and hidden in the women’ room, much to their shock.

Weaknesses [ edit | edit source ]

  • Extreme Brute Force: Supes of extreme quantities of energy could harm and destroy her, but few are in this degree. Maeve happens to be afraid of Homelander, once you understand that he’s completely effective at killing her, even though this might be as a result of their laser assault as opposed to their real power. Stormfront had been able stagger her along with her blows however it isn’t understood if she may have beaten Maeve in a private battle, as Maeve had Kimiko and Starlight backing her up, overwhelming Stormfront.
  • Individuals: Despite being a part associated with the Seven, being a hardened cynic, Maeve really does care about individuals, and deeply down would like to be considered a hero that is real. She desired to conserve the social individuals from the plane plus it significantly haunted her to allow them perish. She also profoundly cares for Elena, and Homelander has utilized this to flex Maeve married secrets app to their whim. She has also a spot that is soft Starlight and becomes increasingly ready to help her. Maeve appears to have overcome this weakness because of the end of Season 2, and showing way more admiration that is open individuals she really respects.

Personality [ edit | edit source ]

Queen Maeve’s general general public image is the fact that of the warrior, a feminist, a humanitarian and part model however in the truth is a generally speaking apathetic, withdrawn, disillusioned and person that is cynical.

She ended up being when a determined idealist but has since become (mostly) complacent within the corruption regarding the Seven and also the Vought organization, staying peaceful regarding the sidelines despite being the next many member that is powerful of Seven behind Homelander.

Not surprisingly this woman is (because of the exception of Starlight) the smallest amount of harmful super-powered specific seen to date within the show.

She truly would like to conserve individuals despite the fact that her experiences have remaining her jaded and cynical, she at the least attempts to really be heroic whenever feasible. She’s got also been shown to be more self-aware compared to the remainder of her group, acknowledging that she while the Seven aren’t heroes that are true. She additionally noticed Starlight’s stress after her attack while offering some convenience.