Ssky is solution oriented

At Ssky we take extreme care in helping you remove the headache of ownership. We are a dedicated team of professionals, artists, and specialists in buying your single family home or townhouse. Like you, we live here too, going to the same schools you might have gone to. Eating a shopping at the same places you might have ate or shopped at. More importantly, we’ve experienced the same financial or mental burdens that may come with property ownership.

When we discuss buying your home, regardless of price, area, or condition, we will work extremely hard to provide a win-win solution for all involved (even if it means we don’t buy your house). If we do buy your property, our professionalism and specialty will take your transition from burden to freedom effortlessly, giving you a piece of mind throughout the duration of it.

We have a specialist to handle every situation.

Below are a few that we consider common problems:

  • A property behind in payments
  • Situations of a transfer out of state or county and the homeowner needs to sell quickly
  • Situations where a property owner wants to buy a new home, but they need to sell their old one first
  • Situations where a property owner is making two payments on two different properties
  • Divorce situations
  • Unsuccessful listings by realtors
  • Probate situations
  • A property in foreclosure
  • Vacant properties
  • Properties that need zero repairs
  • Properties that need major repairs

We are experienced to handle many more situations. At Ssky, when we buy a property the stress associated with the property evaporates.

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A Note

Prelude je eden od pomembnih elementov seksa. Na žalost jih mnogi pari ukvarjajo s prezirom in hitreje iščejo seks. Seveda so razlogi za to lahko drugačni: na primer njeni bivši deklici niso bili všeč Prelude ali se boji, da erekcija ni dovolj za seks. Če pa se vam mudi, ker to ni menite je to drugo vprašanje.